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It is essential in any ERP or CRM project that the reasons for doing the project are identified from the very beginning and communicated to all the stakeholders.

Business Case

A full Business Case be developed to justify the investment of time and money that the project will consume. The Business Case will contain all the details about the proposed project including high level requirements, potential business benefits, details of process improvements, estimated costs, estimated time scales and the estimated resources required from the business in terms of man hours to deliver the project.


All the requirements of the new system should be documented and prioritized, each requirement should be clearly defined and have no ambiguity, be assigned to an owner from the business, include acceptance criteria, include examples of business rules around the requirement and be assigned to a functional area of the business.


The requirements should deliver a number of clear Business Benefits that can be measured and used to determine if the project has been a success. These Business Benefits are the reason for doing the project in the first place. There are so many projects that seem to forget why they exist and the original reason for doing the project can be forgotten over time, therefore it is essential to record the required Business Benefits and ensure that the project is focused on delivering these.

Process Mapping

A useful tool at this stage in the project is to review the current business processes and how these could be improved with the introduction of new ERP or CRM software. Documenting the current AS IS processes on a cross functional flow chart can allow the team members to clearly see and understand where improvements could be made.

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